💀 let’s talk about eugenics

black and white photo, with skulls, some of the skulls form a cross, they are behind a fence.
Photo by Gábor Molnár on Unsplash

since WWII that autistic people are being killed (or experimented on) just for being autistic (yes, parallel to the Jews, the mental “disabled”, the poor, and minorities in general).

they were called “feeble-minded”, and parents, alongside doctors and the military, would put such children into horrible situations: leaving them to die in the cruellest ways: denying them food, or putting them in the cold.

in this day and age, people abort when they know they will have a disabled child (unfortunately, most people consider autism a disability). or they would put them in ABA therapies, or give them antipsychotics (if they let them live). if that’s not eugenic, I don’t know what is.

deciding to kill a life, because it has certain characteristics that we consider “bad”, is eugenics.

deciding to kill a life, saying that person will suffer (when they don’t have a way to know if they will or not. and who doesn’t suffer in life, really!?), it’s boastful.

what makes us suffer is you, allistic people, trying to fit us in your boxes. we have our own, and they’re gorgeous. we don’t want, nor need to, go to your boring little capsules.

we have the right to live. we have the right to be as imperfect as anyone else. we have the right to be different.

it hurts deeply to hear someone say they don’t want a child that is like my own, or that is like me. is like they’re saying they don’t see value in us.

deciding to not have a disabled child is the same as killing someone that has blue eyes (it’s a genetic abnormality, did you know?). and saying that is for they own wellbeing… sorry, but that’s BS.

And I know this post will come as aggressive, and I’m glad it is. Because I am really mad, and I don’t tolerate such intolerance.

deciding to not have a disabled child is egoistic, they’re not thinking of the child’s well-being, they’re thinking about their own well-being.

when we’re a parent, we do everything we can for our children. we do it out of love, and it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. yes, we can feel desperate. yes, we can feel tired. yes, we can feel lost. but that never takes away the love we have for our children. I never, ever, desired my child was different than he is.

but people who don’t want to have a disabled child see it as a curse. as like their life was over. as… yeah, a sacrifice they would have to endure their whole life. how’s sickening is that?

a child, “disabled”, or not, have needs: and those needs are essentially love and respect. if you have that to offer, you have everything.

I’m pro-choice. But I’m against ending a life just because it doesn’t meat the expectations of “normal”.

I’m glad autism isn’t detected in the womb. But it still makes me very sad that we still view autism (and other ways of being that people consider “disabilities”) in a negative, closed-minded way.

It saddens me that we still try to conform others to behave in a certain range of patterns.

We need diversity to grow, and evolve. to challenge the old, and create the new.

however, we’re growing intolerable, and we’re more and more closed in our bubble, and we don’t accept the difference. we’re going stagnant.

and what doesn’t move, dies.

here’s a couple of resources to better think about this:

have a magical time! 🦄

neurodivergently yours,

nícia cruz, the autistic witch


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